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Remember the days when no one had a PC at work, let alone at home? When a few people punched cards to be fed into computing machines that occupied whole rooms? Probably not. These days, an employee might not go on holiday with the family without half a dozen computers among them—laptop, a couple of tablets, phones (that are really computers), e-readers, smart watches, and so on.

When we look at network switch specifications, we tend to fixate on the numbers for the front of the box. Switches are sold on the basis of how many ports of a particular speed they make available to the network. It's easy to understand why we do this, but it gives a picture of the switch that is, at best, incomplete. At worst, the picture we get is misleading, and advancing technology could make the picture even less accurate.

Avoiding future tech troubles

Hardware downtime is expensive in almost every modern business. Employees can’t work, and IT staff are engaged in remedial action. Prevention and preparation, as always, are the best cure.

Mobile printing gives you the freedom to print from any mobile device to any networked and web-enabled printer. Whether you're on the go with your smartphone, table, or laptop, now you can print documents where and when you need them. This means you no longer have to be in your office to print and share business documents—making your workflows and your staff more efficient than ever.

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