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VMware Cloud Provider Team posted 3 days ago

This post originally appeared on Clouds, etc. by Daniel Paluszek. 


This is a continuation of the VMware vCloud Usage Meter – End to End Deployment and Configuration (1 of 3)

Post 1 of 3 here 


vCloud Usage Meter Web Configuration








  • Now press the Save button – from here, it will immediately bring you to the Products page.


vCenter and vRealize Operations Setup






  • Now we can see a message stating vROps credentials are correct. Excellent. It will still show Not Yet Discovered until the next hourly collection interval – do not worry. Do check it in an hour to verify the message has been removed.
  • We are now complete for vCenter and vROps! If you have any other instances of vCenter, please repeat these steps. vROps cannot be added independently – it must be tied to a vCenter instance.


NSX Manager Setup




  • We will see a testing credentials message and once that disappears, NSX Manager will populate in the list. Done! Repeat these steps for any additional NSX Managers.


vCloud Director Setup



  • We will see the message to accept the certificate again – hit Accept All. Once that happens, it will test the credentials and populate into the list. Done!


Stay tuned for the third post in this series!


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